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CARAVAN Full-Timer’s RV Holding Tank Treatment – Eco-Friendly, Probiotic Microbe Enzyme Formula (16 Treatments)


  • BREAKS DOWN WASTE AND ODORS with our special blend of microbes and enzymes that promote a healthier, more efficient black tank environment.
  • NO MIXING REQUIRED. Simply introduce the holding tank treatment to your rv tanks with ample water after dumping and let the formula go to work for you.
  • HELPS PREVENT CLOGS by maintaining efficient digestion within RV tanks that liquefies waste and solids.
  • HELPS MAINTAIN WORKING SENSORS by aiding in the prevention of buildup on probes before it becomes a problem.
  • SAFE FOR PEOPLE, PETS, BOATS, SEPTIC TANKS. This treatment does not use formaldehyde or other harsh, toxic chemicals; only naturally-occurring microbes and enzymes.

CARAVAN “Full-Timer’s” Holding Tank treatment is the most effective bacteria- and enzyme-based tank formula available today. Once you make the switch, you too will see how efficiently our microbial RV tank treatment is when it comes to liquefying waste and eliminating odors.

For years, our tank treatment has been used by real Full-Timers, and we’re confident you can also achieve success!

How it Works

All holding tanks have both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, but it is the anaerobic bacteria that emit foul odors that ruin vacations. Our treatment is simple: introduce “good” aerobic bacteria that eat waste and exhale odorless carbon dioxide and water. CARAVAN Holding Tank Treatment contains dense colonies of these bacteria that outnumber and overpower the bad kind, leaving you with an odor-neutral space and peace of mind.

Persistence is key! The more you use this treatment for your black and gray tanks they cleaner they will get. Harsh, toxic RV toilet chemicals can cause many problems within these tanks, but using our bacterial treatment is a powerful and important step towards creating an odor-free environment that can digest waste efficiently. Once introduced to your tanks, our ultra-effective bacteria and enzymes go to work right away eating the scum and buildups that were left behind by previous, less-effective “treatments.”


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