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Unique Tank Cleaner Liquid for RV and Boat Black Holding Tanks 32 oz. – Unclogs Holding Tanks


  • UNCLOGS BLACK TANKS in RVs and boats. Typically unclogs tanks in 12-72 hours. No driving necessary.
  • STRONGEST & MOST EFFECTIVE CLEANER available today. Powered by the most advanced blend of bacteria and enzymes available. Contains higher concentrations of bacteria and stronger enzymes than all leading tank cleaners.
  • UNCLOGS ALL TYPES OF CLOGS including pyramid plugs, compacted waste inside black tanks, and blocked plumbing lines.
  • BREAKS DOWN SOLID WASTE, including toilet paper, poop, and residual sludge – no matter how old it is.
  • SOLVES OLD & NEW PROBLEMS. Safe for septic systems, people, pets, and the environment. Can be used for routine maintenance and deep cleaning. Proudly made in the USA.

Unique Tank Cleaner’s powerful blend of enzymes and bacteria is simply the best choice for unclogging toilets, holding tanks, and RV or boat sewage lines. Tank Cleaner’s proprietary blend is significantly stronger than any other product on the market and the only product actually capable of resolving the toughest problems, like pyramid plugs, compacted tanks, or line blockages. Simply put, you can try other tank cleaners, but there is really only one effective solution – Unique Tank Cleaner.

Additionally, Tank Cleaner can be used as part of your routine maintenance to deep clean your black water holding tank.

There are other tank cleaning products and then there is Unique Tank Cleaner. Tank Cleaner is better formulated and quite simply the only product capable of truly solving your clogs and backups. Period.

The Science

To solve holding tank backups and clogs you need a very strong, highly effective waste digester to break up the compacted organic material, allowing the clog to release. Tank Cleaner works by delivering powerful enzymes and bacteria into your plumbing that breaks up the clog and allows your system to flow freely.

From a scientific viewpoint, a bacteria / enzyme blend really is the only effective way to break down the solid waste that causes these clogs in the first place. And you want the strongest, most effective bacteria / enzyme blend available to get the job done.


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