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CARAVAN Extreme Odor Eliminator – RV Black & Gray Holding Tank Treatment – Hot Weather, Drop-in – 20 Pods

Amazon.com Price: $29.99 (as of 10/04/2023 23:07 PST- Details)

  • 🔥 HOT or COLD, our RV black tank treatment keeps working long after bacteria and enzymes stop. No formaldehyde or other harsh toilet chemicals.
  • DROP IT IN! Flush a deodorizer pod after dumping your black tank and let the treatment go to work for you.
  • WORKS IN BLACK AND GRAY CAMPER TANKS. Extreme Odor Eliminator Pods are also perfect for portable toilets and cassette toilets!
  • KEEP YOUR RV TOILET FRESH. No more smells of sewage or chemical treatments while trying to enjoy your life on the road.
  • QUALITY RV SUPPLIES make the difference between good and bad trips, so always keep the best on hand!

CARAVAN Extreme Odor Eliminator Pods

When it comes to tank odor, a lot of companies will make a lot of promises. The truth is, no product can eliminate all odor under all conditions all of the time…But CARAVAN Odor Eliminator Pods come awfully close. Our pods focus on doing one job and doing it better than anyone else: tackling tank odor.

Tank odor can be caused by many things including high temperatures, too-little water, even having the wrong kind of bacteria in your tanks! There are different long-term solutions for all of these problems, but if you want to stop the stink with a quickness, CARAVAN pods are the best place to start.

Tank odor’s worst nightmare

CARAVAN odor pods use a zinc formula that works harder and faster to combat smells in harsh temperatures than any bacteria formula can. Just flush one down into your black tank with some water after dumping, and let it go to work!


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